Thursday, November 6, 2008

Retrospective: Munich

Ah, Munich, city with the sausages and the history. Well, that's all I can say about that for now, since most of this has already been written about. Photo dump!

These photos were taken at the BMW Welt in Munich. We had a nice dinner there, and I finally learned what a real wiener schnitzel is:

This was an interesting building just because the damaged portions are called out due to the difference in materials. You can easily tell where the building got bombed, and it makes no attempt to hide it.

I can't remember what this building was, I just remember that it was closed and we all attempted to get in somehow...

Allianz Arena by HdM.

The site of the Munich Olympic Games. Hard to believe that all of this was done before Rhino3D!

Right, now off to Austria, where we hit Salzburg, Judenburg, and Vienna.

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