Thursday, November 6, 2008

Retrospective: En Route to Salzburg

Continuing our sprint through Europe, we drove madly down the autobahn towards Austria, stopping at the border to get some kind of car tax sticker before careening through the countryside towards our destinations.

The lovely Red Bull Hangar in Austria was a nice site to see along our crazy drive through the country.

These next two detail shots were taken at the house en route to Salzburg that Mark designed, which was a very nice house, and I'm sure my classmates will post more photos; I only have the two, unfortunately.

This appears to be some kind of epoxy with pebbles embedded in it, used for the bathroom tile.

This is KLH, the company that makes cross-laminated timber, and it is a very viable building material, if only they produced it in the States...

Right, moving on to Judenburg and Vienna.

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