Thursday, November 6, 2008

Retrospective: Copenhagen

Beautiful, lovely, cold Copenhagen. It was tragic that we couldn't stay beyond our 2.5 days, but still, it was well worth it.

My colleagues have already waxed poetic on the day we spent traipsing around the city of Copenhagen looking at latest and greatest architectural works, and that was the day my camera was unfortunately out of commission due to me forgetting to put my charged battery into the camera. Outright stupidity on my part, but fortunately, the others have tons of photos.

During our stay, we visited the office of BIG, one of the hottest firms today. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post photos of inside the office, but at the very least, I can post the photo I took of their front door to prove we were there.

So one of the project managers of BIG took us out to two of their housing projects and gave us a personal tour. I'll just post some photos here, since it's already been written about at length:

And now, on to Munich.

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